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by Ethan R. Esbach

This book is primarily aimed at men and women in leadership who would like to transform their business. Seven direct principles are discussed outlining a detailed plan for growth while leading others in various roles in competitive industries. How to take the next...


by Ethan R. Esbach

Your one on one personal guide to understanding yourself more effectively. This book is for you if you want to know how to unlock and maximize your potential. Develop all the necessary skills needed to take control of your goals by setting realistic goals that work better for you. Stop the process of procrastinating and learn the art of learning from yourself immediately. You can!


by Ethan R. Esbach

An author's life story shows the importance of an intimate relationship with God. A true story of how he used passion as the driving force behind understanding his role in life. While living his passion today he explains how passion benefits others in life (spouse, children, friends, co-worker, etc). This dynamic book is for those whom have not yet found a purposeful life and seeks to meet theirs. A life-changing book suited for you.


by Ethan R. Esbach

The book Journey is Volume 1 of a two part series. An up to date personal guide with daily lessons to equip readers with easy to apply principles. Minimize failure and maximize your success during an education or business journey. Start and finish your desired degree in the required time, start up a business from scratch and make profits in just one year by applying these easy to use principles. It all begins and ends with you. Start today!


by Ethan R. Esbach

The final volume in this amazing two-part series in discovering your newest journey. Almost There covers additional concepts not covered in volume one to further expand and intrigue your mind. These principles are useful to entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts who are looking for the next step in their journey. This book is looking for someone who would like to integrate new ideas and revolutionize the business world. If that person is you, press the pre-order button now!