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Know Your Value, That Is The Difference!

Ethan R. Esbach works to create change while at the same time expanding his businesses to reach a global presence. Ethan is a qualified Mechanical Engineer with experience in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Sales, and Marketing.

With his diverse expertise, he works to empower many individuals and delivers a world-class product that works for you. He has worked with manufacturing plants to optimize their production assembly, engineering design, and drawings offices, marketing corporations to advise and improve their strategies.

Ethan uses Esbach Transport to assist the filming industry with vehicles for large filming companies to meet their movie production requirements. This vast experience makes him well-suited to empower you, to become your best, right now! As Director of Ethan R. Esbach Holdings, he works to maximize each employee's potential by assisting in their skills development process. 

As a motivational speaker, Ethan seeks to provide listeners with up-to-date information and easy-to-understand principles that work so that they may perform at their best. His talks come to you live from various conferences, book launches, and graduation ceremonies.

While being an author of five excellent books, some books have the title "The U, in You!", "Journey," "Almost There," "Passion," and "Midnight Oil." He has compiled a detailed succession plan for anybody who wants to be their best right now! 

Readers of each book will find the value in aiming for greatness while discovering new innovative methods to apply in their lives. For more about these fantastic books mentioned above, visit the books page coming to you soon. 

Click on "Read My Story" for more insight into what has been the cornerstone of Ethan and his development as a motivational speaker, author, entrepreneur, and engineer. His story meets the need of many in the 21st century and beyond.