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Ethan R. Esbach

Do Not Allow The Potholes In Your Journey To Stop You From Traveling. Seeking Failure Until Failure Becomes Your Success Is A Major Benefit. Now, There Are People Out There Who Would Love To See You Fail. To Them, You Say, "What God Plans For, No Man Can Breakdown." Let Your Success Remind Them Of How Great God Is and How Much You Can Do.  


Ethan R. Esbach

Your Greatest Potential Is Found When Your Highest Thought Of Belief Is Obtained. I Have Observed That Potential Is Given Once Self-Introspection Identifies Wanting TO Change. The Action  Of Desire Gives Potential A Purpose. Completing What Is Assigned Will Ultimately Ensure Progress. 


Ethan R. Esbach

To Be Worthy Means To Understand Your Worth. You Are Worthy Of So Much More Than They Say You Are. You Have Come Thus Far, Why Give Up Now? The World Might Only See Your Failures And Tell You Your No Good. 85% Of The Time You Saw Greatness WIthin You Until You Where You Are Now, Quit Whining And Get Moving. Opinions Of You Will Remain Opinions Until You Allow Yourself To Be Wheelchaired By Pity.


Ethan R. Esbach

Drown Out The Negativity Of Those Weighing You Down.  I Have Come To Know That Passion and Purpose Are  Rewards For Those Who Are Patient and Committed. To Give, Is To Give Selflessly WIthout Reward But To Give With Intent Is Unforgiving.


Ethan R. Esbach

There Is Two Type Of People - Those Who Say I Will But Never Do and Those Who Do What They Say They Will Do. The Choice Remains With You. Sometimes We Procrastinate To Find Ourselves, The Responsibility Is Ours To Keep Coming Back To The Race We Were Called TO Do.