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My Story

Although he was born and raised in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, it is in the Northern part of the city where the seed of an adventurous life truly began to bloom in Ethan.  It is one which would eventually lead him to a career of coaching small business owners and entrepreneurs on how to navigate their own business adventures.

While attending school, Ethan had little idea of what his future held, but he was determined to remain both optimistic and goal-driven. His upbringing in a single-parent home, all while living below the breadline, left him with little access to external sources of motivation. His father, George, left school in Standard one, with barely any formal education, in order to help support his own mother.

In understanding his own lost opportunity, education became a priority to George and he subsequently instilled the same value in Ethan. Despite these and other challenges, Ethan adopted his father’s tenacity, and he realized that giving up was not an option; this is the attitude which has fueled this adventure.

In time, with the help of friends, Sandra and James, Ethan moved on to complete his schooling career. Thereafter he focused on developing skills in engineering, thus fulfilling his dream of becoming an Engineering graduate. He attributes his success to the teachings of and values inscribed by his faith, his father George, and the support of fellow Civil Engineer, Duane.

These pillars in his life fostered in him a certainty of purpose, leading him to establish a network of cutting-edge companies. These companies are namely, Ethan R. Esbach Holdings, E – Squared Tutoring,  Esbach Transport, ERE Consulting Engineers, Thee-Shop, The Keynote, and the ERE Fund. Each of the companies is a derivative of who Ethan is as a person. Ethan is in the process of writing a series of books built on the principles of success which he has learned both through the story and the networks which he has built.

As a motivational speaker, Ethan embraces the concept that knowledge gained must be shared with one’s community. By sharing hard-earned information, he hopes to impact the lives of others and to guide them in finding their own purpose. Ethan is working to develop knowledge-sharing platforms and resources for those keen on personal and professional growth while fulfilling individual and societal purpose.